At our company we use down-feather raw material of the following species of birds.


Since the Siberian goose down is considered the most valuable filler for bedding, which has a special softness, elasticity and high insulation. High quality down is collected from purebred poultry reared in harsh climatic conditions of the environmentally friendly regions of the Siberian region, is a multi-stage treatment that prevents the emergence and proliferation of dust mites, providing long-term Allergy protection, and meets international environmental standards.

Siberian goose Differ high-quality fluff purebred poultry reared in harsh climatic conditions of the environmentally friendly regions of the Siberian region.

Large grey geese It is also ponderous geese, who in adulthood reach 8 pounds. Have large gray body color. Also have good egg production.

Italian white Geese are quite popular in our country. Have good production quality and great fluff.

The Governor's geese In cool weather, they feel warm and cozy thanks to its coat of down. They have it quite thick. These birds are not susceptible to cold, so they are unpretentious.


Unique properties has fluff those ducks that live in Northern latitudes and is able, thanks to his tail, not to leave his place of residence even in the harsh winters and spend a lot of time in the icy water.

Peking duck Domestic ducks of this breed are the most popular and common in our country. As you've probably guessed, they come from China and first appeared about 300 years ago. From Beijing's bird came to Europe in the 19th century and immediately gained popularity. Today it is the largest representatives of the domestic breeds.

The Rouen duck These ducks were previously wild, this is not specifically the breed, but simply a domesticated bird. The product of ducks is very much appreciated, because of the taste of meat, it's lean, juicy and tender and has a characteristic dark color.

Moscow white duck Another very popular domestic ducks that are widely distributed in our country. Moscow duck species have white plumage, massive enough body, well shaped legs.

Black duck As seen in the photo, black black birds are very beautiful. They are not very large body of black color with white accents on the chest. It seems that these ducks are dressed in suit. Paws and beak is also a dark color that complements the overall look of the bird. This breed like we have in the country for the quiet nature and simplicity.